Luxury Log Home Floor Plans

Go big or go home! These luxury log home floor plans are large, grand and perfect for your second-home getaway. Even if these luxury homes are out of your budget, we can all dream, right? Search through our free house plans to find the home you can't live without.

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Roosevelt Lodge Home Plan by MossCreek Designs
The Roosevelt Lodge is a tribute to the legacy of national parks today.
Chinook Lodge Home Plan by MossCreek Designs
Exterior timber, log, and shingle detailing complete the feel of a highly prized family lodge.
Pronghorn Lodge Home Plan by MossCreek Designs
Large stone pillars, and a heavy wood truss frame a protective entry. Log, wood, and stone combine to create an exterior that is as wild as it is beautiful.
Niblick Home Plan by MossCreek Designs
MossCreek has the perfect solution with out new collection of designs called Golf by MossCreek.