Log Home Maintenance

No matter what materials it’s made from, every house requires maintenance — log homes simply require a slightly different approach. Consider Log Home Living your all-inclusive guide to everything you need to know about log home maintenance.

Precautions for Living in Bear Country
If you choose to build your log home in bear country, here are some simple precautions you can take to reduce the chances you’ll wake up one morning and find a bear on your deck—or in your kitchen.
keeping bears away
4 Easy Ways to Bear-Proof Your Log Home
How can you live in harmony with bears? Here are 4 easy tips for keeping your log home bear-proof.
Stacked Logs for Wood Species 2
8 Natural Enemies of Log Homes
Sun, wind, water and creatures can all be destructive to your log home. From excessive sunshine to persistent carpenter bees, h...
Log Home Maintenance FAQs
Your log home maintenance FAQs answered by Log Home Living's own editor, Roland Sweet.
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Deter Your Log Home's Natural Enemies
Sun, wind, water and creatures will all make their attempts to borrow some beauty from your log home, but you have the ability ...
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Sealing and Finishing Tips for Log Homes
Chinking alone is not enough to seal your home. Learn from the pros with these sealing and finishing tips for log homes.
4 Tips for Landscaping on a Budget
4 Tips for Landscaping on a Budget
Save money on your log home landscaping with these tips to making a beautiful yard.
The Dirt on Green Cleaning Products
Do you know what's in your cleaning products? Get the dirt on safe cleaning.
Budget-Cutting Tips for Staining Log Homes
Save thousands by staining the interior logs of your home yourself. Here's everything you need to know for smooth, successful r...
Prepare for Log Home Spring Maintenance
Your home has weathered winter's chill and battering storms. Here's how you prepare your log home spring maintenance.
7 Essential Tips to Prepare Your Log Home for Spring
Your home has weathered winter's chill and battering storms. Now, it’s time to prepare for spring. Here’s how.
Log Home Maintenance Checklist
Keep your logs in excellent condition by following this log home maintenance checklist.
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Protecting your Log Home From Wildfires
Learn how you can prepare your log home to avoid the destruction from wildfires.
Log Home Stain 10
Follow these quick tips to showcase your style and choose the best stain for your log cabin.
21 Ways to Create Log Home Longevity
Create log home longevity and make your log home last for generations with these maintenance tips that address areas like desig...
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Saving Energy and Space When Choosing a Hot Water Heater
Getting the most out of your hot water heater while using the least amount of space and energy possible.
Wood Treatment Options For Log Homes
A look at some of the no-fuss wood treatment options available for preserving your home's logs.
Wood Sealant Options for Log Homes
Get the lowdown on sealants that will keep your home worry-free and snug.