Home Tours and Log Home Photos

See all the innovative ways log home lovers like you have designed and built their ideal log home. Browse complete homes by type or region or get inspired, one room at a time.

Colorado's Windmill Meadow Ranch
An interior designer takes on the log home makeover of Windmill Meadow Ranch, a 30-year-old log home in Colorado.
A Heavenly Hybrid Log Home
Mixing logs and conventional construction creates design flexibility.
Log Homes in Russian Architecture
Wood is the foundation of some of the world’s greatest historical construction projects, and Russia’s rich history of architect...
Rustic Log Home Ski Chalet in Montana
Photos of a mountain retreat in Big Sky country that beckons three generations to share old memories, create new ones and relis...
A Lakefront Log Home in Northern Wisconsin
A lakeside log home in Wisconsin takes decor inspiration from the Adirondacks.
A Lakefront Lodge-style Log Home in Northern Wisconsin
A lakeside log home in Wisconsin takes decor inspiration from the Adirondacks.
A Handcrafted Energy-Efficient Log Home in California
Big logs create a nature-inspired work of art that's built to stand for 500 years.
Getting Away To It All: A Handcrafted Montana Home
A handcrafted Montana vacation home echoes an Old West mood.
On Happy Trails: A Hybrid Vacation Cabin in North Carolina
A horse-loving homeowner builds a hybrid vacation cabin in the North Carolina mountains.
A Tennessee Vacation Log Home
A Tennessee vacation home provides a couple with a respite from the Florida heat and plenty of room for grandchildren.
An Ill Wind Blows Much Good: A Handcrafted Pennsylvania Log Home
Hurricane Ivan delivers the logs for a handcrafted Pennsylvania home.
Rustic, Meet Modern: Cozy Wisconsin Lakeside Cabin
One Wisconsin couple creates a vacation retreat that is the perfect marriage of contemporary and rustic design.
From the Appalachians to the Rockies: A Colorado Log Home
Eastern-style square logs find a home in the round-log West.
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Space Planning: 5 Rooms for a Small Floor Plan
Want to squeeze more space out of your small floor plan without adding a single square foot? We'll show you how — no sleight of...
A French Country Montana Timber Home
Building a modern chateau in Montana.
The Lure of the Rockies: A Rustic Colorado Log Home
Designing a mountaintop getaway in Colorado.
Altitude Adjustment: A Handcrafted Log Home in Colorado
A Florida family answers the call of the Colorado Rockies.
Transforming Tradition: An Alpine Log Home in Minnesota
A Minnesota couple uses log accents to replace a family cabin with a North Woods lodge.
For Love of Logs: A Rustic Log Home in Michigan
A Michigan couple favored log siding — until they got a look at real logs.
Room and a View: A North Carolina Log Home
A North Carolina log home captures the grandeur of its highlands setting.