Build Your Log Home

Expert advice for building a log home or log cabin, including advice on log home construction, energy-efficient building, roofing options, windows, insulation tips, wood & log choices, landscaping and log home kit options.

Smart Home Systems Safety
Are Smart Home Systems Safe?
Voice-activated home systems are a tempting and fairly affordable luxury. But is smart-home tech a smart choice if you value privacy? We took a peek at the pros and cons of these systems.
The Best Time to Prune Trees and Shrubs
Knowing when and how to prune trees and shrubs can be a mystery for the weekend gardener. Follow these tips to a happier, healt...
Small Lakeside Log Cabin
What Options Do I Have for Heating a Tiny Log Cabin?
A reader writes in with concerns about their new liquid-propane heater.
Tiny Modular Prefab Cabin
What You Need to Know About Tiny Cabins
Going small–really small–has been a huge trend, but there's a big difference between having a "tiny house" and owning a solid, ...
Builder Blueprint Plans for Home Building
4 Things You’re Afraid to Ask a Builder, But Should
It’s your right to know the answers to these “tough” questions. Don’t feel awkward about asking them.
Big Log, Little Logs
When it comes to logs, size matters.
FTF Truth Be Told
Saying Hi to Hybrid Homes
Learn about the advantages of hybrid log homes.
Katahdin Guide to Building_701_2018-07-11_10-42
Taking a Green Approach to Your Log Home Design
A how-to guide on how you can lower your expenditures, reduce your impact on the environment and more.
Katahdin 6 Keys_701_2018-07-11_09-31
Seal Your Log Home
We’ve pulled together a rundown of the sealant products you might hear about and plan to use when building your log home.
Katahdin Solving the Energy Riddle_701_2018-07-11_12-46
Be an Eco-Hero: Go Green
We’ve pulled four tips to having an efficient, environmentally responsible log home.
log home living magazine
Behind the Walls of a Log Home
Take a look behind the scenes at log home systems.
What to Expect When You're Expecting to Build a Log Home
What to Expect When You're Expecting to Build a Log Home
This free, one-hour webinar, led by log home expert, engineer and educator Alex Charvat and Log Home Living editor Donna Peak w...
Can You Build SIPs in Log Homes?
Can You Build SIPs in Log Homes?
How can SIPs (structural insulated panels) benefit log homes? We went straight to the source to find the answers.
log home living magazine
How to Up Your Log Home Curb Appeal
Follow these tips on how to improve your log home curb appeal. This season, give your outdoor spaces a more inviting and exciti...
Should You Install Radiant In-Floor Heat?
Should You Install Radiant In-Floor Heat?
If you think radiant in-floor heat is the best option for your log home, planning for it early on is essential.
How to Expand + Renovate a Log Home
How to Expand + Renovate a Log Home
Sometimes, you need a change of plans... floor plans that is. Find out all you need to know about expanding a renovating your l...
3 Colorado Log Home Companies to Check Out
3 Colorado Log Home Companies to Check Out
These three log home companies are a perfect fit for anyone looking to build in the Rocky Mountains.
Your Log Home Construction Timeline
Every log home construction timeline is different depending on the contractor, weather and region, but an overview of the proc...