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Discover the pictures of this couple's beautiful lodge home set against one of the highest peaks in Pennsylvania.

Log Home Design | by: Suzanna Logan | photography: Rich Frutchey

A Pennsylvania couple gets a taste of the sweet life in Sugarloaf Lodge, the ultimate rural retreat...Scroll down to view the log home photos of "The Sweetest Thing," a Log Home Design home tour.

 log cabin home
An alluring azure lake set against one of the highest peaks in Pennsylvania presents an inviting vista. “Every time I come to the house I am awe-inspired by what I see,” says Jim.

 log home entrance
A pair of antlers from a moose Jim took down in Maine greets guests to the lodge. Other majestic mountings, all trophies of the veteran hunter, include caribou, deer and a black bear from the Cleary’s property.

 log home front porch
Beckoning guests to sit back and enjoy the view, these rustic garage-sale gems make this ideal porch a paradise.

 log cabin great room
Even when not aglow, the great room’s natural stone hearth shines in the expansive 40 foot by 30 foot space. With acres of woods, the Cleary’s have a never-ending source of timber, as Jim cuts and splits the wood himself. Resting in front of the fireplace, a 9-foot long, 450-pound walnut table made by Jim with wood from Good Hope Lumber in Kimbellsville, Pa., balances the oversized hearth.

 log cabin bar
Cherry wood hewn from the Clearys' own property stars as the home's flooring and on the bar top, which was handmade by Jim. The gleaming wood provides a warm, inviting contrast against the natural-stone hearth and base of the bar.

log cabin kitchen
Contemporary conveniences paired with rugged elements prove to be a tasteful combination in this airy space. A maple butcherblock counter top is both distinctive and functional. The stainless steel appliances lend a modern sparkle to on an otherwise rustic room.

log cabin dining room
A rough-hewn rocking chair, a whimsical moose pillow, and a pair of black bear lamps infuse the space with an unmistakable Adirondack flavor and complete the cozy cabin feel of the home. Many of the pieces were actually gathered in antique shops and garage sales in the Adirondacks. “Practically nothing in the house is new,” says Jim.

log cabin bedroom
Muted tones give this room a grown-up feel, but not all of the nine bedrooms are so mild. To suit the tastes of their grandchildren, the Cleary’s designed each of the rooms with a different motif. Themes include a wild, “cheetah room” in animal prints, a princess room pervaded by pink, and a young-manly moose room.

Home by: Estemerwalt Log Homes