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Bear Country Gallery
Jeff's whimsical Blackbears are sold throughout the US and Canada, most National Parks and Disney World. Jeff also sculpts custom wood carved Bears for log homes, Bear Benches, log bear beds and structural log posts with uniquely carved Bear designs.
Log Home Outfitters - Southwest Virginia
Log Home Outfitters has been delivering quality log homes since 1994. Our product is the finest the industry has to offer.
Cedarcraft Log Homes
Cedarcraft Log Homes: Northern White Cedar elegance at affordable prices – and helping you build the log home of your dreams.
Woods of Wisdom
Woods of Wisdom welcomes you to experience wood and furniture like you never have before.
See Dirt Run
See Dirt Run!™ specializes in maintenance, restoration and refinishing services.
NC Rustic
NC Rustic specializes in finding the best quality in home furnishings and décor.
Austin Ward - Real Log Homes Independent Representative
Austin Ward - Real Log Homes Independent Representative
Kevin McMahon
Kevin McMahon