Tomahawk Log and Country Homes Inc.

Tomahawk Log & Country Homes is proud to offer the highest-quality and most complete insulated custom homes and cabins in the half-log home industry.

Company Details

Address: 2285 County L
City: Tomahawk
State: Wisconsin
Zipcode: 54487

Tomahawk Log and Country Homes Inc.

The Energy-Log™ insulated half-log siding construction system enables you to build without the limitations commonly associated with full-log construction, including warping, twisting or settling. The exterior wall system consists of 2-by-6-inch framed walls, vapor barrier, 6-inch fiberglass insulation, 1-inch foil faced sheathing and your choice of half-log or cedar siding styles. On the inside there is a choice of finish material such as half-log, knotty pine, drywall or wainscoting. Half-log packages are available in our Saddle-Lokª, Cross-Lok, Verti-Lok and Verti-Log corner systems. We also offer our custom timber scribe option for interiors and exteriors. Combinations of these are also common in many homes. All logs used in these systems are hand hewn, dip treated twice and air/kiln dried. For a more contemporary appearance, beveled edge cedar and wavy edge cedar are also available. For existing structures, any of our siding systems can be used to remodel or wrap. As part of the process that will bring your dream home to life, Tomahawk Log & Country Homes offers unsurpassed customer service. From developing the floorplan to taking care of your log cabin's final design, our professionals are capable of assisting you throughout design, construction and beyond. We understand the importance of all of your questions and are proud to offer experienced people and the highest-quality materials available. Nationwide delivery and construction assistance is available.