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Energy Efficient Log Cabins, Log Homes, Timber Frame, Hybrid Homes, Modular Homes...We design, supply and build extraordinary log & timber homes.

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Address: 12 Decatur Pike
City: Athens
State: Tennessee
Zipcode: 37303

Natural Element Homes

For an easy, exciting, and rewarding experience......Natural Element Homes! The process of planning, designing, and building a home should not be difficult and stressful. Instead, you should have a pleasurable and memorable experience. But, if you are not an expert, you can easily fall prey to unscrupulous people whose primary concern is themselves. It’s ashamed that some folks take advantage of their fellow man, but the world is full of people like that. We gently and confidently lead our customers through the maze associated with building a new home. We guide them along the path. We protect them and provide for them. We become their trusted friend. We’ve done this thousands of times, and we know the route and what lies around each corner. Our customers are comforted by our expertise, and they welcome and rely on our guidance. Our focus is on YOU! After all, it's YOUR dream!

For a home that's not like everyone else's......Natural Element Homes! People who choose a Natural Element Home want something different, a home that is a notch above the usual cookie-cutter design and reflects their taste and lifestyle. We help you create a home that is uniquely you. You can start with a home plan from our vast library, or we can start your design from scratch, borrowing inspiration from our portfolio of home designs. Here are links to our home plan collections and design services information: CLICK HERE for our Outstanding Home Plans Jewel Box Cottages - the collection that turned the industry on its ear Comfy Cabins - Log Cabins - log cabin kits Comfy Cabins - Black Label Series - top-shelf cabin plans and kits Designer Homes - from the creative minds of the industry's best designers Classic Plans - tried-and-true classic log and timber home plans Eco-cottages - the coolest modular concept around - built to local residential building codes On the Drawing Board - a private area for registered website users showing plans under development

For the most fun and efficient design process......Natural Element Homes! You’ll enjoy using our Virtual Design Center to collaborate on your project. Our Virtual Design Center allows you to collaborate at every step of the design process and immediately view the effects of any design changes you’re considering. You view your plans online and speak directly with your designer as you watch your changes being made on-screen in real time. You’ll be able to view your home in 3-D and take a virtual "tour" of your redesigned house to see just how it will look and feel. The best part is you don't have to operate any software; just sit back and watch as your dreams and ideas move a step closer to reality. Our Virtual Design Center is fast, efficient, and fun!

For a one-stop-shop building partner......Natural Element Homes! Our customers have the need for a pleasurable, stress-free experience that is comprehensive in nature (everything needed – not just bits and pieces). We are truly a one-stop-shop and either provide or facilitate everything needed to build a new home. We have in-house design services, log and timber manufacturing facilities, and a network of builders covering the USA. We also facilitate site planners, interior designers, lighting professionals, financing options, solar and geothermal professionals, landscape architecture, and green building standards. Everything you need is under our roof!

For the most diverse offerings and options......Natural Element Homes! Comfy Cabin Kits from Natural Element Homes Natural Element® Log Homes Natural Element® Timber Frame Homes Natural Element® Hybrid Homes Natural Element® HiPerformance Modular Homes Natural Element® Building Systems and Options - join our Secret Scrapbook for access EnergyLock(TM) Building Systems: EnergyLog(TM), EnergyPanel(TM), EnergySIP(TM)