Mountain Home Building Products

Mountain Home Building Products is a leading log home products distributor, providing high quality log home stains, interior clear finishes, chinking, caulking, wood cleaners, preservatives, specialty application tools, copper post caps, full logs and unique log siding materials for commercial and residential applications.

Mountain Home Building Products

Our goal is to continue to share our expertise concerning building, restoration and maintenance products that are particularly log-home specific, as well as provide and distribute top-of-the-line products for commercial and residential markets.

We are proud to be ranked among the most trusted of log-home product distributors in the entire world! Our vast inventory of interior and exterior products is all-inclusive; and you won’t find a more comprehensive selection of log-home materials under one roof, anywhere else! Perhaps you simply have questions regarding log-home materials, renovation techniques or maintenance insight. If so, we will gladly address any inquiries you might have. Our customer-service is unsurpassed and we truly cater to our valued clientele. It’s no secret that Mountain Home Building Products is a leading distributor of superior-quality log home products.
If there is one thing Mountain Home Building Products knows and demands, its quality; and we represent only top-of-the-line manufacturers. Within our log home product inventory, you will find industry-acclaimed brands such as Weatherall, TimberEdge and Organiclear.

Having the correct supplies on hand before any refurbishing takes place will keep your project work-time on schedule and uninterrupted. Sure, we have your caulking, stains, epoxies, primers, cleaners and all the other application materials, but Mountain Home Building Products doesn’t stop there. We supply a great selection of log home tools, as well.