Iron Lock Imports

We are pleased to offer this unique line of forged iron, door hardware designed to welcome your guests into your home, decorated with the warmth of Old World craftsmanship

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Iron Lock Imports

Iron Lock Imports, purveyors of the finest old world iron door hardware, offers designs forged in the breath-taking Austrian Alps. Featuring historic replicas found throughout Europe’s grand estates, you can select from our unique line of mortise entry lever sets, interior door passage and privacy levers, door straps, clavos and decorative door nails. We also offer U.S. and European mortise lock functions and multi-point locking gear providing the highest level of safety and security for your family.

Iron forging was introduced into Europe by the Moors after their invasion, in 711, and subsequent occupation of Spain during the Middle Ages. The craft eventually worked its way into northern Europe, particularly in locations where there were plentiful deposits of coal and iron ore. Initially, all forging was done by hand until the capitalists of the Industrial Revolution developed high-production forges and introduced heavy duty automatic foundry machinery which in turn allowed the technique of drop forging to eclipse hand forging. The drop forge, as opposed to hand forging, permitted exact replication of any of the popular hardware designs that were commonly used. The technique also allowed forgers to vary the quality and hardness of the iron and the ability to correlate prices to the cost of production.

The designs found in our product line reflect the classic styles developed in Spain by the Moors and continued to be used in the magnificent Baroque and Renaissance structures found throughout Europe.

The company that forges our beautiful door hardware is a family owned business that traces their roots back to the Holy Roman Empire when they were engaged to produce iron implements and arms for the Emperor’s armies.