Countryside Woodworking

Countryside is a premier manufacturer of quality, design-driven wood doors and moldings. From completely custom entrances and interior doorways to solid wood moldings and trims we help create the space of your dreams.

Company Details

Address: 550 N. CR 240E
City: Arthur
State: Illinois
Zipcode: 61911
Country: United States of America

Countryside Woodworking

A culture of community and fine craftsmanship are combined at Countryside. Skilled craftsmen work with wood to create doors and moldings for your dream spaces. At Countryside we specialize in completely custom products. Our doors and moldings are built to your specifications and designs. We work together with you to create exactly what you are envisioning.

We are dedicated to excellence in quality, craftsmanship, safety and service. As a business, we endeavor to operate as a Christian example every day.  It is our desire to relate to our employees and our customers in a manner that would be pleasing to Jesus Christ.

Excellence in quality, craftsmanship, safety and service isn’t just our motto, it is our commitment to you. Your satisfaction means everything to us and we want to assure you that we will strive to meet and exceed your expectations and create an experience you will appreciate for years to come.