Blue Ridge Log Cabins

Blue Ridge Log Cabins was incorporated in June of 1992 in response to a strong market demand for log homes to be built faster and more efficiently.

Company Details

Address: 625 E. Frontage Road
City: Campobello
State: South Carolina
Zipcode: 29322

Blue Ridge Log Cabins

Among the inherent advantages to building a log home in a factory is a more uniform product with a guaranteed price. With 90 to 100 percent of the home built in a factory, customers can have peace of mind knowing exactly what their home will cost. Another advantage of building a log home in a factory is not having to rely on specialized, expensive and difficult to find builders and sub-trades to finish your home.

The next logical step in the evolution of Blue Ridge Log Cabins was to build larger plans for second and in some cases, primary homes. In this case, multiple sections are assembled to make a more spacious home, with some models approaching 3,200 square feet. In developing this product, the company decided to build to modular/systems built specifications, which meet state code requirements. This incorporated a number of key advantages, including access to more traditional financing sources as well as a home equal to (and often better than) site built homes in quality and value.

The future history of Blue Ridge Log Cabins will be one of increased quality and product offerings coupled with customer satisfaction and comfort. We stand ready to help you reach your dreams of owning a log home.

Year founded: 1992 Method of production: Manufacturer Number of homes produced to date: 1000-2499 Number of builders dealers and representatives: None Wood species: White pine How logs are normally dried prior to shipment: Air dried Average moisture content of logs upon shipment: 16 to 19% Type(s) of wall logs you offer: Full or solid wall logs Corner notches are: Totally pre-cut Log lengths are: All pre-cut to required lengths Solid log gable ends are: Pre-cut to required roofline slope Available styles of wall log profiles: Flat - inside Flat - outside Rectangular Round - outside Heights: 10" & larger Widths: 4" to 6" Tongue & Groove Styles: Double/Triple Corner intersection details for available wall log styles: Butt & pass (only one log extends past the intersection) Dovetail Types of fastening devices: Dowels/drift pins Other Types of sealing systems & materials available: Foam gasket Other Types of building code compliances available: Our plans are certified to meet state/local building codes by a licensed engineer or architect. Other available services: Our logs are graded by an independent inspection agency prior to shipment. We offer a specific number of hours of on-site technical assistance as a standard part of our contract. We offer a written warranty on all our logs. We offer custom design service. We offer Finance Plan. We will provide complete home construction service for our customers.