Beaver Mountain Log & Cedar Homes

Creating the Northeast’s premier custom-crafted Cedar Log, and Timber Homes, since 1982.

Company Details

Address: Model Homes and Design Center <br />200 Beaver Mountain Dr.<br/>NY Rt. 17/I 86
City: Hancock
State: New York
Zipcode: 13783

Beaver Mountain Log & Cedar Homes

Creating the Northeast’s premier custom-crafted Cedar Log, and Timber Homes, since 1982. Our professional team works directly with you to guide you through the building of your dream home. Our design/build expertise helps build exceptional, energy efficient, custom-built homes and helps make your home building experience easier and more enjoyable. We’ll help you build a one-of-a- kind custom-crafted cedar log or timber home, just the way you want it. Your dream home begins not with a “plans book”, but in our Design Center and an appointment with one of our dedicated consultants.

Before a stone is laid or a timber is milled and pre-cut, we take the time to get to know you-your tastes, passions and pursuits, your ideas, plans and dreams for the future. The process of creating a beautiful luxury cedar, log and/or timber home can be a daunting challenge. That’s why we are with you every step of the way, to help guide you through the design, planning and construction – right up to move-in and after. You can concentrate on the big picture – enjoy the experience and watch your dream home become reality. Let us get to know you-share your dreams, plans and ideas with one of our knowledgeable building consultants, and find out more about our unique approach to creating the home of your dreams.

Year founded: 1982

Method of production: Manufacturer

Number of homes produced to date: 1000-2499

Number of builders dealers and representatives: None

Wood species: Western Red Cedar White Pine

How logs are normally dried prior to shipment: Kiln dried

Average moisture content of logs upon shipment: 16 to 19%

Type(s) of wall logs you offer: Full or solid wall logs Half log and stud frame walls Log siding

Corner notches are: Totally pre-cut

Log lengths are: All pre-cut to required lengths

Solid log gable ends are: Pre-cut to required roofline slope

Available styles of wall log profiles: Flat - inside Flat - outside Hand hewn Round - inside Full round Round - outside

Heights: 7" to 9"

Widths: 10" & larger

Tongue & Groove Styles: Double/Triple

Corner intersection details for available wall log styles: Saddle notch Butt & pass (only one log extends past the intersection) Corner post butt (neither log extends past the intersection) Dovetail Interlock-overlap (both logs extend past the intersection)

Types of fastening devices: Lag screws

Types of sealing systems & materials available: Caulking Foam gasket Spline

Types of building code compliances available: Our plans are certified to meet state/local building codes by a licensed engineer or architect.

Other available services: We offer a construction manual and/or videotape to aid customers with erection of their home Our logs are graded by an independent inspection agency prior to shipment We offer custom design service We offer a specific number of hours of on-site technical assistance as a standard part of our contract We will provide complete home construction services for our customers We offer a written warranty on all our logs