Wood & Logs

As you're planning your log home or cabin, are you looking for a darker wood or a lighter wood? Do you want a knotty grain or a smoother finish? Learn about the different types of wood for log homes and determine which could be right for yours.

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Choosing Logs
Deciding on a log package - One of the key moments in purchasing a log home. How do you know that you are making the right choice?
4 Corner Style Options
4 Corner Style Options
How your logs intersect at the corners is one of the most defining features of your home. Check out these different style options.
How Logs Become Walls
How Logs Become Walls
Not quite sure how a log home becomes a log home? Here's a basic guide on the whole process!
9 Interface Log Options
9 Interface Log Options
Your log profile will influence how the logs are fitted together horizontally. Here are the most common techniques.
9 Log Profile Options
9 Log Profile Options
The size and shape of the logs play a big part in your home's look and function. Here's how to navigate your log profile options.
The Ultimate Log Home Wood Guide
The Ultimate Log Home Wood Guide
The ins and outs of wood species, their characteristics and what it takes to make them part of your log home.
7 Types of Popular Log Home Wood
7 Types of Popular Log Home Wood
Check out these 7 popular log home wood species to build the right home for you and your family.
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Exotic Wood Options: Are They Worth It?
There’s been a lot of talk lately about exotic wood. It intrigues buyers and creative home builders, and that curiosity leads t...
What Makes the Perfect Log Cabin Kit?
What Makes the Perfect Log Cabin Kit?
Learn about the different types of log home kits, how to choose a manufacturer and what is the cost of building a log cabin.
Purlin Roof vs Rafter Roof
What is the Difference Between a Purlin Roof and a Rafter Roof
Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a purlin roof and a rafter roof in a log cabin? Our experts have you cove...
heart wood
Heart Wood vs Sap Wood: What Does It Mean?
What does heart wood and sap wood mean for your house?
What Does Early Wood and Late Wood Mean?
Learn about early wood and late wood so you pick the best type of log for your dream home.
The Importance of Log Strength for Your Home
Learn about the importance of a strong log so you pick the best wood for your home.
Reclaimed Wood
5 Reasons to Buy Reclaimed Hardwood
The experts at Peachey Hardwood Flooring share their top five reasons to choose reclaimed hardwood flooring.
Choosing Wood Species For Your Log Home
The ins and outs of wood species, their characteristics and how they react to becoming part of your log home.
Log Home Package/Kit Options
A la carte or all-inclusive — buying a log home starts with the parts of the log home package/kit.
Profiles and Corner Styles for Log Homes
When selecting the size, shape and look of the logs, the log home buyer is spoiled for choice. Here’s how to navigate your log ...
How to Choose Your Log Home Producer
With hundreds of exceptional log home manufacturers and handcrafters out there, how do you choose? Here’s how to find the one t...
What is a Log Building System?
In addition to its superior good looks, a log building system works a little differently than conventional construction. Here’s...
Learn About the Log Home Construction Process
Understanding Log Home Kits
How to compare log home kits to get the most accurate price quote for your log home.