The Log Home Journey

Go on the log home journey with Log Home Living as we follow real people who build their dream home from the ground up. We address common problems and the simple joys that come with making this commitment.

Log Home Journey: Setting Up a Well Water Supply
Like many log homeowners living in rural areas, our Log Home Journey couple turns to a well to supply their water.
Wiring and Ductwork
Log Home Journey: Getting a Log Home Wired for Electricity
With the shell enclosed and the home weather tight, the next step in the construction of Gary and Becky’s log home is to power ...
The Logs Have Arrived!
Log Home Journey: Why Your Relationship with Your Builder is Crucial
It’s finally log delivery day for Becky and Gary, and through all their excitement, they realize the most important player in t...
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Log Home Journey: Choosing The Right Log Home Builder
Hiring an experienced, professional builder is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in the entire log home process. ...
Learn About the Log Home Construction Process
Log Home Journey: The Log Home Construction Process
With plans in place, it’s finally time for Gary and Becky to break ground and order their log package.
How to Find the Perfect Log Home Floor Plan for You
Log Home Journey: Finding the Perfect Log Home Floor Plan
After a false start, Gary and Becky Saymansky create their ideal design and get one step closer to log home living.
Why a Log Home was Just Right
Log Home Journey: Why a Log Home was Just Right
The log home journey begins for Gary and Becky Saymansky! Come along with us as they plan, build and achieve their dream log ho...
Kitchen on a budget
The Log Home Journey: Decorate a Kitchen on a Budget
The kitchen truly is the heart of the home, and as the Murphys’ house inches closer to completion, they don’t miss a beat when ...
Murphy Family Log Home
The Log Home Journey: How to Make Moving Day Easy
The Murphy family has reached their destination! After years of planning and months of construction, they've finally moved into...
Sweat Equity
Sean and Amanda catch a glimpse of the finish line and decide it’s time to invest some of their own labor and talents to the co...
The Logs Are Going Up!
The logs have arrived, and as the Murphys watch their home take shape, they are introduced to a very special member of the cons...
Breaking New Ground
The Murphys prep their New Jersey site as the logs are fabricated a thousand miles away in Montana. Click here to follow their ...
The Step-by-Step Story of a Family Log Home
Over the course of the next year, we’ll follow the Murphys, a family who had big log home dreams to own their own & are working...
Money Matters
Sean Murphy shares the log home financial planning advice he wishes he’d paid attention to and offers some sound recommendation...
Infinite Possibilities
With a blank slate in front of you, designing your own home can be both thrilling and overwhelming. Don’t be intimidated.
What Happens When You Hire a Bad Subcontractor
Finding the right subcontractor is an important step in the construction process, but sometimes we hire the wrong person. Learn how to stand your ground with bad subcontractor.