Other Rooms

Some log home design elements aren't limited to one designated room like a kitchen or great room. Find inspiration for all of your log home spaces, including specialty rooms, with these log home interior design tips.

Your Guide to Daylight Basements
Your Guide to Daylight Basements
Is a daylight basement right for your log home? We examine the key factors to consider.
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Specialty rooms are the perfect place to put your own stamp on your log home’s design.
9 Log Home Specialty Rooms
Steal a few ideas from these inspiring spaces to personalize your home and give you room to enjoy your hobbies.
6 Things Every Log Home Reading Nook Needs
The coziest spot in your house - hopefully a log home reading nook! - isn't complete without these essentials.
An Inspiring Wood-Encased Winery
Learn more about wine storage and cellar. Get some inspiration to create your own log home wine cellars.
Lighting With Lanterns
Lanterns offer a variety of styles for lighting and decorating your log home.
Stairway to Heaven: Your guide to designing the perfect staircase
7 simple steps for taking your log home's stairways to the next level.
Vent-Free Fireplaces Are an Option
Vent-free fireplaces add versatility to design options and are getting more affordable.
How To Add Personal Decor Style to Your Interior Design
Learn how to integrate your personal style into the interior design of your log home.
How To: De-Clutter Your Log Home | Interior Design for Log Homes
Rid your home of post-holiday clutter and prepare your log home interior for spring with these design tips.
Holy Home Gym | Designing a Home Workout Space
Treadmills are expensive clothes hangers. So use these expert tips to plan your space where you can sweat to the oldies, strike...
Special Spaces | Unique Home Design Details
From quiet corners to neat niches, when you're designing your new log home, consider adding a few extra personal places.
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9 hot tips for creating dazzling hearths in any room of the house.
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It's not the most glamorous room in your new home, but it might be the most useful—especially with new designs. Tips for creati...
Stop and Stair | How To Design a Great Staircase
With some planning, your staircase can be both functional and fabulous.
Lofty Aspirations | Tips for Designing a Loft
A timber home necessity, your loft is more than just a perch from which to appreciate the impressive view—it's also a blank can...
Get in the Zone | What Is Zone Heating?
Many timber-home owners are warming up to the idea of zone heating, a new method that can save you a bundle on your energy bills.
Smart House | Home Automation for Your Log Home
Home automation and rustic living do go together—and create one incredibly efficient house.
Mudrooms: Down & Dirty | Mudroom Design Ideas
Keep your log home mess-free with a well-designed mudroom.