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From fun log home legends to inspiring true-life tales, these stories are all part of the magic of the log home lifestyle.

7 Pennsylvania Attraction and Adventures to Check Out
7 Pennsylvania Attractions and Adventures to Check Out
The next time you find yourself in the Keystone State, make a stop to one of these amazing attractions.
Your Little House on the Prairie Dreams Are Becoming a Reality
Your Little House on the Prairie Dreams Are Becoming a Reality
A modern log-and-timber home design firm looks to the past to re-create one of America's most cherished homesteads from the Lit...
Why Ranch Homes Are Ideal for All Stages of Life
Whatever stage of life you're in, a ranch home will suit your needs with a young family and as you age.
How to Build a Log Home for Old-Age
How to Build a Log Home for Old-Age
With a little constructive forethought and a few aging-in-place strategies your log home can grow stylishly older right along w...
Why Pennsylvania Farmland Is the Best Place to Build a Log Cabin
Why Pennsylvania Farmland Is the Best Place to Build a Log Cabin
With 170 acres of rolling western Pennsylvania farmland on which to build their log home, the Saymanskys can't lose.
5 Attractions and Adventures in Montana to Check Out
5 Attractions + Adventures in Montana to Check Out
Explore the 5 best log home attraction and adventures in the state of Montana you can't miss while visiting.
Murphy Family Log Home
The Log Home Journey: How to Make Moving Day Easy
The Murphy family has reached their destination! After years of planning and months of construction, they've finally moved into...
A Brand New Start for a Medically Retired Veteran
When his parachute failed, Army Sgt. Hutcheson fell more than 70 feet, ending his military career. Now he’s fallen in love with...
Honoring Veterans with Operation FINALLY HOME
Join us at Log Home Living as we celebrate, commemorate and honor our United States veterans and service men and women this Vet...
5 Haunted Log Cabins
What is it about scary movies that make them so much scarier when set in a log cabin in the woods? Explore 5 haunted log cabins...
Life After Combat: A New Start and a New Home
A mortgage-free home helps a wounded officer start a new chapter in a new home.
A Soldier's Gift
“The resources you supply don’t just build homes, they rebuild the broken minds, bodies and spirits of the service members and ...
A New Log Home Offers a Veteran a New Start
“Life is a journey, not a destination.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson. Read the story about a United States Army veteran wounded in com...
4 Summery Log Home Outdoor Spaces
In summer, log home outdoor spaces are an essential extension of your main living areas. Invest a little time and thought into ...
Living in a Log Home Will Ruin You For Life
Anyone who has ever lived in a log home can testify - there is nothing that can compare to the feeling of waking up and spendin...
Exploring the Log Homes of Ireland
The log homes of Ireland are no exception when it comes to cozy living and rustic appeal.
Log Home Destinations: Gunnison County, Colorado
Blessed with wondrous natural beauty, Gunnison County, Colorado is in the western half of the state, roughly equidistant from G...
9 Log Home Specialty Rooms
Log home specialty rooms are an important element for personalizing your home. After all, everyone has a favorite pastime-- and...
Your Log Home Style: Lake, Mountain or Woods?
Whether your lifestyle lends itself more to skiing in the mountains or nestling in the woods, you'll want a log home style with...
Garrett County, Maryland: Log Home Destinations
Maryland’s westernmost county centers on the Allegheny Mountains and Deep Creek Lake. Sparsely populated (47 people per square ...