While there's no such thing as a totally maintenance-free yard, there are some techniques you can use to make the idea of landscaping seem fun and easy. Find inspiration for your log home exterior, yard, garden, and outdoor spaces with these landscaping tips.

No-Sweat Landscapes
No-Maintenance Landscaping Options for the Cabin
Focusing on no-maintenance landscaping options helps you enjoy your property more and make the most out of your log home’s curb appeal.
5 Ways to Add Water Conservation to Your Home
5 Ways to Add Water Conservation to Your Home
Focusing on your log home landscape’s water conservation strategies saves time, money and the environment.
How to Create An Outdoor Landscape
How to Create An Outdoor Landscape
Just a few extra elements will turn an ordinary patch of grass into an exceptional backyard retreat.
5 Tips to Hardscaping Your Property
5 Tips to Hardscaping Your Property
Working with your property's natural features can make hardscape strategies more appealing and affordable.
Water Conservation Landscaping for a Beautiful Yard
You can conserve water AND have beautiful landscaping — plus save your cash for other projects. Check out our water conservatio...
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"Wave Clouds" Bring the Beach to Breckenridge
An atmospheric phenomenon creates a magical moment in Colorado.
Log Home Construction: Protecting Trees
Building a log home can be hard on the surrounding natural environment, particularly nearby trees. Here are some tips for prote...
Protecting Trees During Log Home Construction
Saving trees during construction of your log home can add to its aesthetic, monetary and environmental value.
Landscaping & Wildfire Protection
Knowledge and planning are the keys to saving your log home.
Create Your Own Vertical Garden for Your Log Cabin
Step-by-step instructions on how to create your own personalized vertical garden for your log cabin.