Buying Land

Every log home — particularly those in rural areas — begins with the perfect piece of property it sits on. Learn how to find and buy your own slice of paradise with our expert information and tips for purchasing land.

How to Pick the Perfect Piece of Land
How to Pick the Perfect Piece of Land
Looking for the perfect plot for your log home? These 5 tips will help make buying land easier than ever.
Locating Land Your Logs Will Love
Locating Land Your Logs Will Love
These simple tips will help you figure out where and how to start your log home lifestyle off right.
Green Acres
How to Buy Country Land for a Log Home
When you find the perfect land for your log home, know how much to pay.
Site Yourself
Choosing a House Site: How to Pick the Best Possible Spot to Build
How to evaluate your land’s potential for building a log home.
Why Pennsylvania Farmland Is the Best Place to Build a Log Cabin
Why Pennsylvania Farmland Is the Best Place to Build a Log Cabin
With 170 acres of rolling western Pennsylvania farmland on which to build their log home, the Saymanskys can't lose.
QUIZ: Where Should You Build Your Log Home?
Figure out what region to build your dream log home.
Log Home on Mountain
Why Cheap Land Doesn't Mean An Inexpensive Build
There are reasons why the land might be cheap. Build your dream log home smart with these tips.
Home Inspection Strategies
7 Home Inspection Strategies to Consider Before Purchasing a Log Home
Here are a few top inspection tips when considering purchasing an existing log home or cabin.
Log Cabin Renovation
The Keys to a Log Home Renovation
Finding that “diamond in the rough” property is all the rage these days. But what does it take to go through a log home renovat...
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Log Home Destination: Estes Park, Colorado
It turns out heaven does exist All it takes to get there is a visit to the ethereal mountain town of Estes Park, Colorado.
5 Tips for Choosing a Log Home Site
What should you look for when you’re shopping for land for your log home site? These five tips will help you narrow the field.
5 Tips For a Long Distance Log Home Build
You are here. Your dream is there. Here’s how to make a long distance log home build a success.
Your Log Home Style: Lake, Mountain or Woods?
Whether your lifestyle lends itself more to skiing in the mountains or nestling in the woods, you'll want a log home style with...
How to Make Your Log Home Dream a Reality
Learn about the methods to overcome the two biggest obstacles to log home living: the log home buying process itself and your l...
How To Buy Land for Your Future Log Home Online | Real Estate Tips
Buying land can be one of the most challenging parts of creating your dream log home. Follow these 3 steps to find the best of ...
exterior--Katahdin's Addison Log Home
Difficult Log Home Sites: Building on Tricky Sites
It's not always easy to construct a home on a mountaintop, waterfront or other scenic location. But if you plan carefully and t...
The Best Places to Dine and Shop in Colorado
The Best Places to Dine and Shop in Colorado
Check out these favorite food and shopping hot spots the next time you are in the great state of Colorado.
5 Log Home-Themed Attractions in Colorado
5 Log Home-Themed Attractions in Colorado
The next time you find yourself in Colorado, make sure to visit these 5 log home attractions.