What is a Handcrafted Log Home? | Information on Handcrafted Log Homes

What are handcrafted log homes? And what is handcrafting all about? Find the answers to these questions and more with our handcrafted log home resource guide.

On the surface, it makes perfect sense: Handcrafted log homes are houses that are built by hand. This statement is true enough, but it goes much deeper than that. Not only are they often erected, log by log, but each timber is cut and shaped to exacting precision by men and women with an affinity for the way things used to be done.

It stands to reason that, due to the time, skill level and artistry required, handcrafted log homes cost more than their milled counterparts. But for many log home devotees, the extra dollars are money well spent. And that homeowner-handcrafter connection is what makes these homes truly special.

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