Small Wonders: Cute Cabins

Get ready to get cozy! These cute cabins may be short on square footage but their undeniable appeal lives large. We’ve gathered some of our all-time favorite tiny log houses as proof that great things really can come in small packages.



Family Friendly

In the words of the owners of this adorable 800-square-foot cabin, “all you need is friends, family and enough room to spend time with them.” A rustic-cabin lover’s dream, this house features large hand-hewn logs, wide chinking and antique finishes that emphasize its woodsy cabin vibe. LHD_0907_Y1

Efficient and Sufficient

At less than 1,000 square feet, this charmer maximizes every inch of space. Of note is the sleeping loft (accessed by a ladder, not stairs) perched above the quaint kitchen and wood-fired stove. DSC_0001-2

Native Beauty

Going small is the greatest motivation for getting creative. This 450-square-foot cabin, dubbed “The Totems” thanks to its Native American design influence, uses a glass peaked roof and stair-stepper inspired access to the loft, maximizing both light and space.




Don’t Skip a Beat

LH899_COVAA low profile and round-on-round skip-peeled logs create an environment that’s as rugged as it is inviting. The interior doesn’t skimp on modern appointments, while the screened-in porch gives it that bygone-era flair.

Reflecting Good Taste

A house doesn’t have to be huge to be awe-inspiring. The warm glow coming from this cozy cottage is twice as nice as any large log lodge.