Living in a Log Home Will Ruin You For Life

Anyone who has ever lived in a log home can testify - there is nothing that can compare to the feeling of waking up and spending your days in a log home.

For those who are still dreaming of building or owning their own log home, don’t give up - dreams DO come true! But beware… there’s a chance that you might never look at drywall the same way, because living in a log home will ruin you for life. Once you go log home, you never go back! Here's why:

Living in a log home, you’ll probably wake up to a serene lake, majestic mountains, a shady forest, or another nature-inspired setting...


The cozy ambiance found in a log home is impossible to find without the warm feeling of the real wood. Only in a log home can you bring the outdoors in in such a way.


It doesn't matter if it's spring, summer, fall or winter - every season in a log home is the best season.



Living in a log home, you will become accustomed to only breathing the freshest air out in the wilderness, and the warm, inviting feeling of being surrounded by nature at home.

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After you've lived in a log home, drywall starts to just seem so… plain. And a bonus:  no more painting! Simply change your curtains, throw pillows, or rugs for a whole new look.


There are no limits for decorating the interior of your log home - traditional or country style or western or contemporary… the list goes on!


Somehow, food seems to just taste better when prepared and cooked in a log home kitchen…


...or when it’s eaten outside by a blazing fire.


There’s nothing sweeter some morning coffee or evening wine on a log home deck or patio, overlooking a lake or mountain range.


If you live in a log home, you officially have the cool house - everyone wants to come visit! And the memories you’ll make with friends and family are priceless.


It's undeniable and inevitable - once you lived in a log home you will never live in anything else! Don't say we didn't warn you.