A Log Home Changed a Hero's Life

Retired Staff Sgt. Vincent Gizzarelli, his wife Jamie and their children were all smiles the day they their mortgage-free log home changed a hero's life.

log home changed a hero's life

When it comes to facing challenges, few do it better than veterans who have put their lives in jeopardy and sacrificed time with family to serve on the front lines for our country. Retired Marine Corps Staff Sgt. Vincent Gizzarelli and his family are among the many that have experienced a trying journey of highs and lows.

Coupled with Vince’s service and the struggles the family experienced after his retirement, the Gizzarellis couldn’t be more deserving of the custom-built, mortgage-free log and timber home they 

_V2V2022emailreceived from the National Association of Home Builders’ Building Systems Councils (BSC) and national nonprofit Operation FINALLY HOME in April 2012. Log Homes of America donated the log package and built the home.

With two children already, Vince and his wife Jamie took a leap of faith, adopting three young brothers who were being severely abused and starved by their biological parents. Even with worries of their own, Vince and Jamie couldn’t stand idly by. The now family of seven found themselves in unfavorable living situations due to Vince’s inability to work.

How Vince and His Family Are Doing Today

The family is healthy, happy and thriving thanks in large part to the log home they received through Operation FINALLY HOME and the BSC.

“Since receiving this home, we no longer have the financial burdens we had in the past, and I no longer worry about my children’s future,” Vince proclaims in a recent interview. “I have been able to focus fully on treatment for my post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and have made great strides on that front.”

Today, Vince is primarily focused on his recovery while the remainder of his time is spent with his family, which is flourishing thanks to the stability mortgage-free living provides them.

According to Vince, “This home has allowed my children to have their own space to play, learn and grow. Our adopted sons have overcome so much since they came into our life, and this home has allowed Jamie and me to raise the boys in a safe and positive environment.”

But the home has done more than provide shelter; it has helped Vince improve his overall attitude on life. Vince now volunteers as a referee for the local airsoft field.

He says, “It has been a great motivator for me. I’ve been able to overcome a lot of fear and am looking into vocational rehab through the Veterans’ Administration.”

Vince is now hopeful for the future and sees nothing but opportunity as he shares a powerful message to fellow veterans who have had similar experiences: “Today may feel like everything is coming down around you, but focus on tomorrow.”


And to the donors and supporters of veteran-focused organizations like Operation FINALLY HOME, the Gizzarellis say, “It is through your donations that many veterans will realize their dream of a stable home to call their own. Every cent matters because that means one more nail, one more door, one more home built and one more miracle for a hero and his family.”

Building Homes, Rebuilding Lives

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