How To: Make Your Home Green | Eco-Friendly & Green Building Tips

Want to know more about green building? Here we introduce you to what's actually behind the ubiquitous label.

green house
How To: Make Your Home Eco-Friendly
Four focus areas for green building
By: Rita King | Photo by: Lindal Cedar Homes of Seattle

What is green building?
Green building isn't about tossing out your dress shoes for a pair of Birkenstocks and putting a yoga studio in your home (but you can if you want to). It's about improving your health, preserving the environment and saving precious resources—including money. Your money. "The label 'green building' has been applied to everything from mud huts to nuclear power plants," says Riverbend Timber Framing representative Pete Moncada.

But how do you apply this lofty label to your log home? "Green building is divided into two main areas—energy cost and environmental quality," Pete explains. To achieve both, you need a whole-system approach that includes everything from the building materials you select to how you heat and cool your home. Sounds a little daunting, but there are some basic ways—and lots of motivation—to incorporate this technology into your home.

Eco-Friendly Heating & Cooling Eco-Friendly Appliances & Lighting
Sealing Your Log Home
Environmental Quality Control
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