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Roberta Richey, president and designer of Lodge Looks in Lecompton, Kansas, offers tips for dressing your log home's interior.

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by: Log Home Design editorial staff

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"Dressing your log home's interior appropriately is essential to creating the environment you've always dreamed about in your log home," says Roberta Richey, president and designer of Lodge Looks in Lecompton, Kansas.

She recommends these ideas:

9. Keep It to Scale

Since log homes often have soaring ceilings and voluminous open space, they require comparatively oversized interior furnishings. Consider wide flooring planks, oversized light fixtures, bigger furniture and large-scale accent pillows. Evaluate the dimensions of your rooms, logs and wall heights, and scale your details accordingly.

10. True Colors

There are many differing opinions about what colors work best in a log home. The best solution? Take your cue from nature—let your interior color scheme reflect your outdoor surroundings. Greens, browns and warm reds will complement the rich wood tones of your logs. Neutral colors also work well, such as those inspired by a snowy mountain peak in the distance.

11. Pattern Play

Log homes have a delightfully casual ambiance that invites the combination of many patterns. "One easy rule of thumb is to use no more than three patterns in any room," advises Roberta. "Use one large-scale, one medium-scale and one small-scale pattern interspersed with solids. Mixing patterns will work well if they all reflect a similar theme."

12. Texture Talk

In a log home, texture plays a key role. "The texture in the wall, floor and ceiling coverings set the stage for the rugs, fabrics and furnishings," Roberta explains.

She also recommends introducing heavy texture in furnishings featuring bark, or hair on hides in their upholstery. These rough textures are a nice contrast to the smoother texture of log walls and sleek flooring. For texture in fabric, consider chenille, distressed leather and suede.

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