How To Cut Costs on Your Cabinetry Purchase

Use these tips to cut down on your cabinetry costs.

6 tips to ensure your log home's cabinets are high-quality 5 Ways to Save Money on Cabinetry
Use these tips to cut down on your cabinetry costs
by: Sara Brown | Log Home Design

1: Choose oak or hickory instead of maple or cherry. More common wood types typically equal a lower price tag.

2: Pick a simple door and drawer style over an elaborate design. Instead, spend your money on storage features (think roll-out shelves) that will make your kitchen more efficient.

3: Choose a standard stain or finish. Paints, glazes, antiquing and distressing cost more.

4: Opt for fewer cabinets in larger sizes. Even though they may be smaller, incorporating more cabinets will be more expensive.

5: Go with standard overlay doors and hinges, rather than full-overlay cabinets (where the hinges are concealed).

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