Decor Dilemmas | Dealing with Decor Arguments

Learn to compromise as a couple when dealing with one spouse's garbage (which happens to be the other spouse's treasure).

Decor dilemmaChances are, both partners have at least one home furnishing or piece of decor the other would gladly do without (think mustard green, over-stuffed recliner cherished for its comfort, or a collection of China dolls that always seem to be watching you). Ridding your household of this material monstrosity is not always as easy as kicking it to the curb (no matter how tempted you've been to do this in the past), so here are some tips on dealing with the ugly duckling:

Free yourselves from free speech, sort of

Never outright insult their prized possession (they probably harbor deep feelings for it that you don’t want to disturb). Though open communication is a key component of successful marriage, open disdain is distasteful and an onslaught of insults will only be followed by war. Not progress.

Strike a compromise

You both get to keep your possessions with faces only a mother could love, but you’ve got to keep them in a rarely frequented setting. Like a den or a study, or even a walk-in closet. Relegating the item to somewhere seldom seen may save you from making a scene – for the neighbors.

Just say good-buy

Can’t seem to work it out with words? Try using the power of positive paying. Tell them the minute you see the item on the curb is the minute you’ll be buying them that new (fill in your own blank) they’ve been drooling over since they didn’t get it for Christmas last year.

Let's make a deal

If all else fails, you may have to give a little to get what you want. Part ways with that ugly object of your affection to get them to release their hideous heap as a hostage from your home.