Chalk Out Your Floor Plan to Optimize Space

Use sidewalk chalk to figure out how much space you'll need in certain rooms.

Take the log and timber home living plunge by enrolling for the first two courses of the Log & Timber Online University.

These two courses offer everything you need to know to ensure you go from thinking to living in the home of your dreams. Course #1, Planning Your Dream Home presents the basics of the log and timber home industry and how it operates, how to find the perfect land, how to determine your budget and how to select a lender. In Course #2, Dream & Design, you learn how to decipher floor plans for your perfect home’s lay-out, room by room considerations and money saving tips.

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Watch for the next 2 courses coming this summer as The Log & Timber University Online Class is divided into four easy-to-follow components that will guide you through each of the major phases of the dream home process.