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A Guide to Accessorizing
Follow these strategies for choosing and arranging accessories, and your interior design will be a piece of cake.
8 Tips for Buying Log Home Furniture
What you need to know before shopping for furniture for your log home.
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Alpine Log Homes - The Overlook Log Home
Log pillars and glass panels form a turret that wraps around a spiral staircase.
Unique Log Home Furniture and Decor
Tried-and-true advice for decorating your log home in style.
Coping with Your Log Home Construction
These 4 skills will help you breeze through building your log home.
Log Home Pre-Construction: Buying Land, Budgeting & Scheduling
The urge to jump in and start building your log home is almost irresistible. But don't let impatience make you overlook this im...
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Log Home Engineering and Design Criteria
What you need to know about engineering specifications and building codes for your log home.
Designing the Perfect Log Home
The design of your home is dependent on how you want it to function. Learn how to customize your home’s design to your lifestyle.
Remodeling a Log Home
When making changes to a log home, there are certain factors you'll need to consider.
Site Considerations and Buying Land
A home that's well sited is more energy efficient and a more pleasant place to live.
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Choosing Your Wood Species
Some considerations to keep in mind when selecting the wood species for your log home, plus the details on 23 common species ch...
Four Freaky but True Horror Stories
Four Freaky But True Construction Horror Stories
These tales of terror from log home builders and clients will make you cringe.
The Ins and Outs of Insurance for Log Homes
Learn what type of insurance you'll need to cover your log home from construction to completion.
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Step-By-Step Guide to Log Home Construction
A complete guide to everything you need to know when building a log home.
Burning Desires: Hearth Design
When it comes to how your hearth looks, the options are endless, and the decision is all yours.
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Home Fires
Hearths are popping up in the most unexpected places, reclaiming their rightful place in home design.
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Inside Advantage: The Screened Porch
A screened-in porch lets you get the most out of an endless summer.
How To Build a Log Home Fast
8 suggestions from building professionals to help you build your home in less than six months while saving money.
Great Escape: Smart Master Bedroom Design
Today's master bedrooms are used for much more than sleeping. These 10 design ideas will help you create the perfect sanctuary.