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Garland Homes - Bitterroot Residence Log Home
This cozy log bungalow, inspired by the Arts and Crafts style, was handcrafted using logs varying from 11 to 13 inches in diameter.
High Country Log Homes - Custom Log Homes
For more than two decades, High Country Log Homes has been translating a client's dreams into the reality of a quality, handcra...
Montana Log Homes - MLH-035 Log Home
This 4,400 square foot home is the perfect getaway for anyone looking to retire from the everyday.
Maple Island Log Homes - Plan 9372 Log Home
One of the impressive log features of this home is the reversed gable bay in the great room.
Edgewood Log Structures - Lakota Log Home
This stunning log structure is handcrafted from dry standing dead logs and incorporates Edgewood's complete weathertight shell ...
More than a Dream
An Illinois log home offers the ideal spot for complete rest and relaxation.
The Search for Land
A Virginia couple forges a path to the perfect site—in North Carolina.
Past, Present & Future
Under nature's watchful eye, a Wyoming couple renovates a masterpiece.
Tips on Visiting Model Homes
Discover what model log homes and their owners have to offer.
Inspiration Point
A Midwest couple draws from an eclectic blend of design and decor to complete their log home.
Decorating with Nature
Live plants add color to any room and they're fairly inexpensive too—a big plus if you're decorating on a budget.
A Soft Landing
The right piece of property is a key to your dream home.
Little Cabin in the Big Woodsw
A couple builds a rustic getaway on a pristine Montana site.
On Your Own
Identify projects you can tackle all by yourself on your log home.
Hot in the Kitchen
The latest kitchen styles merge the best of past and present.
9 Ways to Make the Most of the Space in your Log Home
If you're looking for ideas to maximize your log home's square footage, there are plenty of clever ways to create storage and save precious space.
Establish a Budget for Your Log Home | Expert Budgeting Tips
Know the necessary numbers, and you'll be on your way to the home of your dreams.
Stay the Night
Log B&Bs offer more than just food and lodging.
Investing in the Future
Learn how the centuries-old craft of timber framing has come of age.