Citadel Special Edition Log Home by True North Log Homes

This lakeside Citadel is a wonderful home in so many different ways. The home's open concept and fantastic lakefront views are most enjoyable and is ideally suited to entertaining (both inside and outside) and for other celebrations. The additional 1000 sq foot (plus) loft area over the garage gives you that separate space to send the kids to or to have a nice studio apartment for those family members that just keep coming back home!

Plan Details

Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 2.0
Square Footage: 3294
Floors: 2

Wrightman_planbook wrightman-a4(f) Citadel SE 2012 1) LOGWALL

PACKAGE: All custom milled, double tongue and groove with exclusive patented dovetail or saddlenotch corner, Northeastern white pine timbers, 6" x 12", 8" x 12" or 10" x 12" logs. (12" x 12" logs available upon special request) Western red cedar is also available. 2) LOG WALL ACCESSORIES: SILL GASKET:Closed cell waterproof foam gasket for foundation perimeter. SILL PLATE: 2" x 6", 8" or 10" cedar sill plate for foundation perimeter. TOP LOG PLATES: 2" x 6" Spruce top log plates for wall to ceiling connection. SILL POLY: Black sill membrane for air/vapour barrier continuity at ceilings and openings. FLASHING: Prepainted 28-gauge sill flashing for exterior sill plate perimeter. THRU-BOLTS: Spring-loaded thru-bolts for 6“x12“ exterior log walls as required. NEW LOG LOCK: For exterior log walls 8“x12“, 10“x12“, 12“x12“ (6“x12“ optional) LOG JOINERY: Patented KeyLocks, Butt Splines and KeySplines, Custom-cut Corner, Butt Spline and KeySpline foam pad seals. LOG JOINT SEAL: Six Seal System on 8“x12“, 10“x12“, 12“x12“ logs (4 foams, 2 butyl tapes) double tongue and groove. 3 Seal System on 6“x12“ logs (1 foam, 2 butyl tapes) double tongue & groove. STEEL ALIGNMENT: High strength steel reinforcement bars for exterior log wall openings. 3) STAIN PACKAGE: (factory applied) Climate controlled, factory applied primer coat to all logs at time of manufacture. Site STAIN PACKAGE : (optional) (customer applied ) Exterior / interior stain coat and topcoat applied to logs and exterior pine areas on site. 4)WINDOW/ EXTERIOR DOOR PACKAGE: Wood thermal pane windows and insulated steel partially glazed entrance doors, Exterior trims and jamb extensions. 4a.True North custom camber top trims (optional) 4b. Coloured aluminum clad windows (optional) 4c. Solid wood interior doors (optional) 5) FIRST & SECOND FLOOR FRAMING SYSTEM: Jack or wood posts, built-up wood beams, dimensional lumber floor joists, joist hangers, cross bridging, spruce plywood tongue and groove sub-floor and sub-floor adhesive. 6) ROOF SYSTEM: Pre-engineered and custom-designed for maximum loading with cantilevered overhangs to allow for more ventilation and insulation space. All required trusses, dimensional lumber framing, ladder framing, dormer framing, bracing, hangers, 1/2" spruce plywood sheathing, 15-lb felt paper, 1x 8 V-groove pine soffit material, sub-fascia and 1x 8 pine fascia material. 6a. Gable and dormer lookouts (optional) 7) GABLE END FRAMING SYSTEM: 2" x 6" spruce rough framing, 7/16" oriented strand board sheathing, strapping, moisture barrier, and 1 x 8 pine rustic channel siding. 8) INTERIOR STUDWALL FRAMING: 2" x 4" and 2" x 6" SPF interior partition wall framing for first and second floors. All steel slide assemblies for framed wall to log wall connections and spikes for interior wall alignment. 9) ASPHALT SHINGLE ROOF SYSTEM: 25 year asphalt shingles, ice and water shield, valley flashing, endwall flashing, step flashing, roof vents, soffit vents, and starter strip. Steel & cedar roofing optional. 10) BEAMS AND FLOORING OPTIONS: Heavy timber beams 2"x 8" tongue & groove pine flooring, and acoustical caulking. 11) HEAVY TIMBER TRUSS OPTIONS: Timber truss gable and door treatments. Heavy timber truss porch systems. Available in square timber or handcrafted round logs. 12) LOG SIDING OPTIONS: 2“x12“ white pine log siding available in all profiles.