Wooden House Company Ltd., The

The Wooden House Co. Ltd. has been designing and building handcrafted log and timber frame homes since 1986. Founder and president John Nininger is recognized in New England, the northeast and beyond as one of the premier builders of handcrafted log homes.

Company Details

Address: 3714 North Road
City: Newbury
State: Vermont
Zipcode: 05051

Wooden House Company Ltd., The

We at The Wooden House Co have built just about every log style and combination of log and timber styles that one could imagine, always using full length, large diameter white pine logs. Our in-house custom designs are usually quite traditional with special accents and modifications tailored to the clients needs and wishes. On other projects the architects we worked with called us to go beyond the normal systems or routines of log construction. Rectangular oak timbers interwoven with round pine logs in a roof structure on top of full scribe round log walls was one successful outcome.

Another involved a round log roof system on top of full-scribed hewn log dovetail walls. More often than not log gable end walls are a must for the client. This is where the horizontal wall logs continue up past the top of the eve walls and go all the way to the highest point of the house. Because of the differential settling issues involved with log gable ends, many builders are reluctant to tackle them, and rightfully so if they are not familiar with the inherent issues. Here at The Wooden House Co., however, we have successfully built many homes with horizontal log gable ends that have settled properly and stayed tight. Our systems are structurally superior and aesthetically pleasing, often dramatically so.

Sometimes our clients already own a log home when they contact us, and they are looking for a way to add on to the home they already love. The several that we have done to date have made the original homes into everything the owners wanted, and more.

We pride ourselves on working one on one with our client or clients architect and giving each project the individualized attention it deserves. And we always strive to build to the very best of our abilities, utilizing all of the resources available thus our long time memberships in both the International Log Builders Association and the Timber Framers Guild of North America.