Nutrioso Log Works

Nutrioso Log Works is a family-owned business which produces handcrafted log homes in full-scribe, saddle-notch construction style.

Company Details

Address: PO Box 260
City: Nutrioso
State: Arizona
Zipcode: 85932

Nutrioso Log Works

All Nutrioso Log Works log homes are constructed using full-length logs—no splices or unsightly butt joints. Roof systems include full-log gable ends, log purlins and/or rafter with ridge log, upstairs log floor joist and half-log stairway material. Our log homes are constructed here in Nutrioso, Arizona, numbered then disassembled and shipped to the buyer's building site. Company representatives are available for supervising reassembly or we can provide a reassembly crew.

We do not utilize models or pre-drawn floor plans. Rather we design each and every log home we build. To help with the designing phase we do not charge a fee, but blue prints do cost.

Construction takes two to six months depending on the design and size of the structure. We are typically booked six to twelve months in advance. We offer engineering, consulting service and designing. We pride ourselves in doing business on a very personal basis giving each customer our best.