Dogwood Mountain Log Homes

Dogwood Mountain Log Homes provides log home materials and design services for your log home from Appalachian Log Structures.

Company Details

Address: 4563 South Valley Pike
City: Harrisonburg
State: Virginia
Zipcode: 22801

Dogwood Mountain Log Homes

In 1993, Jack and Linda Ridder started Dogwood Mountain Log Homes from their home north of Harrisonburg, Virginia. In 1994, the Dogwood model in Mt. Crawford, Virginia was constructed, and in 1999 the modified Fair Oaks model and showroom was built and is located south of Harrisonburg, Virginia. Their first log home was sold while they were still living in their brick home. A modified Jackson model was built in Mathias, West Virginia. Sales were slow at first, but with hard work sales started to pick up, and today they’re visited by travelers and patrons from around the globe. Jack, Linda and Scott Ridder look forward to providing log home services for years to come. Stop by Dogwood Mountain Log Homes in Harrisonburg, Virginia when you are in the area. Call 540-433-1873 for a special tour or for more information. We look forward to working with you on your dream log home.