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Have questions about what goes into log home construction? Need info on wood species, log profiles and corner styles? Looking for floor plan design tips and inspiration? The answers are at your fingertips.

How to Up Your Log Home Curb Appeal
Follow these tips on how to improve your log home curb appeal. This season, give your outdoor spaces a more inviting and exciting look.
Welcome Guests: Embellishments for Your Front Door
Don’t knock the importance of your doorways. These handsome embellishments will help set the tone for your log home.
Picking a House Log
This free article shows you the differences in certain types and brands of house logs, which can cause even larger differences when it comes to design and construction.
Popular Log Home Wood Species
A sampling of popular log home wood species and their attributes.
Thru Bolt Basics for Log Homes
Log home manufacturers may use the term “thru bolt." For the log home manufacturers that do use them, you may wonder what it is & what it does.
Planning to Build A Log Home: The Final Details
Planning to Build A Log Home: The Final Details
You've chosen a floor plan, secured your land, and are ready to break ground--but are you truly ready to build? We've compiled ...
Luxury for Less: The Great Room
Dress up your timber home's great room without breaking the bank.
Let it Glow: Hanging Pendant Lighting
Check out pendant lighting for your timber home from the folks at Thomas Lighting.
12 Tips for No-Sweat Log Home Landscaping
Try these 12 ideas for a low-maintenance log home landscape with little effort.
Sleeping Beauty: Del Mar Outdoor Daybed
These days, all of the furniture that used to be restricted to your home’s interior spaces is making the move outdoors—and beds are no exception!
Hearth to Hearth
Hot tips for designing a fabulous (and efficient) fireplace.
Deter Your Log Home's Natural Enemies
Sun, wind, water and creatures will all make their attempts to borrow some beauty from your log home, but you have the ability to deter them.
Fireplace options
Choices abound when it comes time to plan that massive great room centerpiece.
Sealing and Finishing Tips for Log Homes
Chinking alone is not enough to seal your home. Learn from the pros with these sealing and finishing tips for log homes.
Energy-efficient construction
Here are the best and least-expensive ways to build a home that will conserve energy (and your money).
Soak in Style: Bamboo Soaking Tub
Check out this awesome bamboo soaking tub that will soothe and wash away all your worries.
Small Log Homes Design Contest | #2 Camp Dancing Bear by Beaver Creek Log Homes
The Camp Dancing Bear floor plan by Beaver Creek Log Homes, winner of 2nd place in Log Home Living's 2008 Small Log Home Design Contest.
Step-by-Step: How To Make a Decorative River Rock Stepping Stone | Do-It-Yourself Homemade Decor
Here's a step-by-step guide to making your own stepping stone, part of the Do-It-Yourself Decor Ideas.