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Have questions about what goes into log home construction? Need info on wood species, log profiles and corner styles? Looking for floor plan design tips and inspiration? The answers are at your fingertips.

Log Home Style - Country/Farmhouse
As part of our series on popular log home styles, discover the characteristics of the country/farmhouse log home style.
Log Home Style - Cabin/Cottage
Discover the quaint and cozy look of "cabin/cottage style" as a part of our popular log home styles breakdown.
Decor Ideas - Waste baskets
Discover these wast baskets made from discarded gum wrappers and potato-chip bags that are currently on the must-have list of green trendsetters everywhere.
Decor Ideas - Rugs
Learn more about this eco-friendly rug that works just as well outdoors (it’s stain-resistant and won’t mildew after a regular hosing-off) as indoors!
Decor Ideas - Pillows
Want to add a pop of colour to your interior? Look no further than these cheerful pillows made from recycled soda bottle labels by artisans in South Africa.
Financing a Log Home, Financial Advice and Affordability Tips
Find out what you can afford and how you can start adding to your log home nest egg.
30 Secrets of Affordable Design | Budget-Saving Log Home Design Ideas
Cut log home-building costs without sacrificing the overall value of your home with these secrets of affordable design.
Decor Shopping Tips | Buying Antler Chandeliers
Eight questions to ask while shopping for an antler chandelier for your log home.
21 Tips for Lighting Your Log Home
Use these quick and easy lighting tips to brighten up your log home.
Planning Help Online | Furniture Placement
Make your furniture planning a breeze with these programs that will simulate your room's design-no heavy lifting required.
Decor Ideas - Mugs
Discover these quaint farm animal mugs in classic black and white with a delicate handle providing the right amount of Gallic flair.
Guide to Log Home Lighting Companies
Find lighting for your log home with one of these log home lighting companies.
Guide to Fireplace and Hearth Companies
Find a fireplace or hearth for your log home with one of these manufacturers.
Guide to Log Home Door and Window Companies
Find doors and windows for your log home from one of these companies.
Decor Dilemmas | Dealing with Decor Arguments
Learn to compromise as a couple when dealing with one spouse's garbage (which happens to be the other spouse's treasure).
Planning Help Online| Finishing Materials for Your Home
Want to know what your home’s finishing materials (countertops, windows, cabinets, floors) will look like before you plunk down your hard-earned cash? Check out these online visualization tools.
Decor Ideas - Cookie Jars
Discover World Market’s retro tins (available in either lime green or cornflower blue) and bring a punch of color to your kitchen countertops.
How To Improve Your Home's Efficiency | Save Money & Energy in Your Home
Save money and energy in your log home with these 10 cost-effective strategies.
From the Ground Up | Log Home Building Lessons
Winners of Log Home Living's design contest reveal what they learned while building their home.