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Have questions about what goes into log home construction? Need info on wood species, log profiles and corner styles? Looking for floor plan design tips and inspiration? The answers are at your fingertips.

Holy Home Gym | Designing a Home Workout Space
Treadmills are expensive clothes hangers. So use these expert tips to plan your space where you can sweat to the oldies, strike a tree pose and super set to your heart's content (literally).
Build Now, Pay Later: Build Your Dream Home Before Retirement
You don't want to wait 'til retirement to enjoy that log cabin in the mountains, but you can't comfortably carry two full mortg...
Money Talks: Setting a Realistic Budget
It's the cardinal rule of building a custom home: Don't ignore your budget. One industry pro offers his tips for staying on track.
Comfort Zone | Bringing Comfort to Your Home
Forget the throw pillows. To create comfortable spaces in your home, use these guidelines for scale, spatial relationships and ...
Spend Big, Save Big: Smart Investments for Your Home
Reeling from sticker shock over what that heating system or dishwasher is going to cost? Despair not! Some things you'll invest...
The Look for Less | Where To Splurge for Your Home
Get a posh interior without paying the price.
Space Savers | Get More Space from Your Floor Plan
Despite a smaller space, there's plenty of room for movement. We show you how to make the most of it in 3 steps.
Special Spaces | Unique Home Design Details
From quiet corners to neat niches, when you're designing your new log home, consider adding a few extra personal places.
Mix It Up | Mixing Materials in Your Log Home
Log homes don't thrive on wood alone. Here's how to incorporate other building materials into your design.
A Change of Scenery | Seasonal Interior Design Tips
Changing your home's interior from summer splendor to winter warmth can be as easy as waving a magic wand. Here's how.
Home Fires | 9 Tips for Designing a Hearth
9 hot tips for creating dazzling hearths in any room of the house.
Mud Haven | Mudroom Design Ideas
It's not the most glamorous room in your new home, but it might be the most useful—especially with new designs. Tips for creati...
Design on a Dime: How to Afford Your Home This Year
With some clever budgeting, you can make your dream a reality this spring—even if you need to squeeze each dime till it hollers.
Stop and Stair | How To Design a Great Staircase
With some planning, your staircase can be both functional and fabulous.
Make It Yours | How To Customize a Stock Floor Plan
If you think a top-to-bottom custom home is out of your financial reach, think again. We show you how to take a stock floor pla...
Lofty Aspirations | Tips for Designing a Loft
A timber home necessity, your loft is more than just a perch from which to appreciate the impressive view—it's also a blank can...
Get in the Zone | What Is Zone Heating?
Many timber-home owners are warming up to the idea of zone heating, a new method that can save you a bundle on your energy bills.
Avoid These Homeowners' Building Mistakes
Avoid These Homeowners' Building Mistakes
We asked new homeowners to share their insight about what they did right and why they did wrong during their log home construct...
Smart House | Home Automation for Your Log Home
Home automation and rustic living do go together—and create one incredibly efficient house.
Mudrooms: Down & Dirty | Mudroom Design Ideas
Keep your log home mess-free with a well-designed mudroom.