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Have questions about what goes into log home construction? Need info on wood species, log profiles and corner styles? Looking for floor plan design tips and inspiration? The answers are at your fingertips.

A Guide to Accessorizing
Follow these strategies for choosing and arranging accessories, and your interior design will be a piece of cake.
8 Tips for Buying Log Home Furniture
What you need to know before shopping for furniture for your log home.
Coventry Log Cabins
Coventry Log Homes Inc.
Coventry Log Homes offers a complete log home package and builds home built to last a lifetime. Learn about Coventry Log Homes.
Unique Log Home Furniture and Decor
Tried-and-true advice for decorating your log home in style.
Burning Desires
When it comes to how your hearth looks, the options are endless, and the decision is all yours.
Burning Desires
When it comes to how your hearth looks, the options are endless, and the decision is all yours.
27 Floor Plan Tweaks for Your Log Home
With a few simple tweaks, you can design a log home that's as practical as it is beautiful.
6 Design Strategies for Great Hearths
The difference between a great log home hearth and merely average one is architectural balance. Cook up a plan that delights al...
Design a Functional Log House Kitchen
Good log home kitchen design is important in any food preparation area, but in one inhabited by a serious cook, it's essential....
Lifestyle Trends for Kitchen Design | Cool Kitchens
Here are four lifestyle trends influencing the look of kitchen materials and products. You might recognize one or two that coul...
exterior--Katahdin's Addison Log Home
Difficult Log Home Sites: Building on Tricky Sites
It's not always easy to construct a home on a mountaintop, waterfront or other scenic location. But if you plan carefully and t...
20 Essentials of Great Log Home Design
Everything you need to know to create a warm, comfortable, attractive log home.
How To Build a Log Home
So you've decided to take the leap and build your dream log home—congrats! Answer these 15 questions to make sure you're prepar...
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How To Estimate Log Home Construction Costs
How to estimate costs on your log home construction project.
Fireplace Ideas For Your Log Home
The right fireplace facing can be the perfect complement to your home's design and decor.
How To Read Log Home Floor Plans and Blueprints
What do you make of the drawings, elevations and blueprints that will eventually become your dream log home? Here's how to unde...
The Basics of Log Home Design
Building a home is an excellent opportunity to make certain your log home design suits your family's needs. Here's how to start.
A Happy Hearth: Fireplace Maintenance Tips
Expert advice on how to maintain the safety of your log home's fireplace or wood-burning stove.
7 Surprising Ways to Save on Your Electricity Bill
We all know you should always turn the lights off when you leave a room … or should you? Read on for unexpected tricks to cut down your household energy costs.
Log Home Road Trip to Wisconsin: Stay and Play
While you're on your road trip, don't stay in any hotel. Make your stay memorable!