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Have questions about what goes into log home construction? Need info on wood species, log profiles and corner styles? Looking for floor plan design tips and inspiration? The answers are at your fingertips.

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize
Download this free article to learn more about how to maintain your logs without too much hassle.
All About Log Homes
This free infographic answers many of the basic questions people have about log homes today.
Energy Efficiency for Today’s Log Home
Energy efficiency within your log home can improve comfort as well as lower heating expenses.
Your Log Home: Custom Design or Model Plan?
This free article aims to help you decide whether a custom design or model plan is best for you.
11 Ways to Create the Perfect Dining Area
How to design an appetizing dining area.
Colorado's Windmill Meadow Ranch
An interior designer takes on the log home makeover of Windmill Meadow Ranch, a 30-year-old log home in Colorado.
Log Home Construction: Protecting Trees
Building a log home can be hard on the surrounding natural environment, particularly nearby trees. Here are some tips for prote...
Protecting Trees During Log Home Construction
Saving trees during construction of your log home can add to its aesthetic, monetary and environmental value.
Landscaping & Wildfire Protection
Knowledge and planning are the keys to saving your log home.
Create Your Own Vertical Garden for Your Log Cabin
Step-by-step instructions on how to create your own personalized vertical garden for your log cabin.
On Happy Trails: A Hybrid Vacation Cabin in North Carolina
A horse-loving homeowner builds a hybrid vacation cabin in the North Carolina mountains.
The 4 Rules of Eco Friendly Decor
Choosing decor that's as gorgeous as it is good for the planet has never been easier.
10 Tips to Make a Small Cabin Feel Large
Taking advantage the space you have is a great way to enhance the functionality of every inch of your home.
10 Ways to Make a Small Space Feel Large
Taking advantage the space you have is a great way to enhance the functionality of every inch of your home.
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Space Planning: 5 Rooms for a Small Floor Plan
Want to squeeze more space out of your small floor plan without adding a single square foot? We'll show you how — no sleight of...
Functional Furnishings: Storage
One of the newest trends in storage is actually a throwback to previous storage solutions: furniture that doubles as an organizer.
Wood-Encased Winery
Learn more about wine storage and cellar. Get some inspiration to create your own log home wine cellars.
Treasure of the Sierra Nevada: Log Cabin in the California Mountains
Margaret and James always dreamed of a cabin in the woods, but for 30 years they were too busy working, raising a family and re...
Creating an Efficient Log Home Fireplace
By following these guidelines, you can create a fabulous and efficient fireplace that gives you much enjoyment and warmth for y...
Feed the Fire: Low-Emission Fuel Sources
Keep the home fires burning with these pollution-free alternatives to firewood.