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Have questions about what goes into log home construction? Need info on wood species, log profiles and corner styles? Looking for floor plan design tips and inspiration? The answers are at your fingertips.

Tips to Prepare for Log Home Construction
Ready to build your dream log home? Here are 9 questions to ask as you prepare for log home construction.
Natural Daylight in Your Log Home
Incorporating the benefits of daylight into your log home’s design can be almost as easy as flicking a switch.
Managing Log Home Construction Costs
Here are six tips to help you begin manage log home construction costs effectively with careful planning and attention to detail.
Log Home Fireplace Design
Towering stone chimneys and massive hearths are staples of log-home design. Here's some guidance on what to consider in order t...
Video: Making a Small Home Feel Large
If you’re thinking of building your own cabin or cottage, you’ll need to be smart about your home’s final design.
Video: The Difference Between Log & Timber Homes
Log and timber homes are defined by the way they are built and the material they’re made from.
Log Home Interior Design
Good log home interior design provides physical and emotional satisfaction. Establish relationships in your home between space,...
Inspection Checklist For Buying a Used Log Home
Four problems to watch out for when buying a used log home.
Why People Are Purchasing Used Log Homes
Buying a used log home doesn’t mean furnishing it from scratch.
Good Advice to Build a Better Log Home
Think ahead before breaking ground and you can avoid costly mistakes. Here are 4 tips to help you build a better log home, plus...
Create A Log Home Construction Schedule
A realistic construction schedule can keep your log-home project on track.
Construction Financing: Creating A Draw Schedule
You've secured financing. It's time to create a draw schedule to pay for construction.
7 Essential Questions to Answer Before You Break Ground
Before you break ground for your log home, answer these questions to ensure you’re ready to build.
Log Home Staircases
Log home staircases are reason enough to have an upper level. Besides being easier to climb than ladders, staircases add an up-...
Six Steps to a Better Log Home Kitchen
These 6 tips could be your recipe for success.
Rustic Decor: a Timeless Look
Rustic is the look of the past — and the future.
Finance Your Dream
Finance your dream home and get a handle on the money game when building your house.
Financing Your Wood Home
This free article aims to help you decide whether a custom design or model plan is best for you.
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Finance Your Log Home Dream
This free article aims to help you decide whether a custom design or model plan is best for you.
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Custom Design or Model Plan?
This free article aims to help you decide whether a custom design or model plan is best for you.