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Have questions about what goes into log home construction? Need info on wood species, log profiles and corner styles? Looking for floor plan design tips and inspiration? The answers are at your fingertips.

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Creating an Efficient Log Home Fireplace
By following these guidelines, you can create a fabulous and efficient fireplace that gives you much enjoyment and warmth for years to come.
Feed the Fire: Low-Emission Fuel Sources
Keep the home fires burning with these pollution-free alternatives to firewood.
Lighting With Lanterns
Lanterns offer a variety of styles for lighting and decorating your log home.
Guide to Window Treatments for Log Homes
Everything you need to know about trouble-free treatments to enhance (and protect) your log home's interior.
Design Your Mudroom Right
Keep your log home mess-free with a well-designed mudroom.
Stairway to Heaven: Your guide to designing the perfect staircase
7 simple steps for taking your log home's stairways to the next level.
Monthly Log Home Decor Shopping Guide
Looking for bargains all year long? Here are the best times to shop for goods and log home decor.
How to Customize a Small Log Cabin
There are ways to accommodate a small log cabin without compromising design integrity.
Using Decorative Wood
Learn more about decorative wood and how you can use natural accents to jazz up your home.
Bedroom Design Dos and Don'ts
Tips from designers and decorators to get you thinking about bedroom planning.
Closing Down Your Cabin for the Season
Here's a couple of essential points to help you start a checklist to remember what you're closing down in your cabin for the se...
18 people you may meet while getting your home built
Who are the main players in your log home buy/decide/build journey? Let us introduce you to 18 people you should really know.
The 23 Coolest Amenities Money Can Buy
From elevators to wine cellars, an extravagance or two can turn your future log home into a dream log home.
Expert Advice: 8 Money-Saving Planning Tips
Architect tells you what you can do to save money in the long run by planning properly up front
Making a Statement: 6 Keys to a Truly Great Room
What tips do designers recommend when planning a great room?
15 Tips for Energy Savings
An inefficient home can cost you tons of money for energy you don't get to use, and it will make a big, and unnecessary, impact...
Game rooms now central to log homes
Designers are using wood accents to create the perfect look and feel in the entertainment area.
Financing a Facelift
Financial expert tells you how to avoid the pitfalls of paying for a renovation.
Calculating How Much House You Can Afford
Our financial expert helps you determine what your real log home budget should be.