Plan, Design & Build

Have questions about what goes into log home construction? Need info on wood species, log profiles and corner styles? Looking for floor plan design tips and inspiration? The answers are at your fingertips.

Floor Plan tips
20 Tips for the Perfect Floor Plan
The vision of your log home finally takes shape in the design phase.
Log Home Sacrifices
The Sacrifices of Building a Log Home
The log home journey isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon. And as Sean Murphy and his family discovered in the sacrifices of buildin...
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Choosing Logs
Deciding on a log package - One of the key moments in purchasing a log home. How do you know that you are making the right choice?
Builder or General Contractor? It's Your Choice
Great advice for picking the right people to build your dream home.
Saying Hi to Hybrid Homes
Learn about the advantages of hybrid log homes.
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Taking a Green Approach to Your Log Home Design
A how-to guide on how you can lower your expenditures, reduce your impact on the environment and more.
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Seal Your Log Home
We’ve pulled together a rundown of the sealant products you might hear about and plan to use when building your log home.
Katahdin Solving the Energy Riddle_701_2018-07-11_12-46
Be an Eco-Hero: Go Green
We’ve pulled four tips to having an efficient, environmentally responsible log home.
Your Log Home Construction Timeline
Every log home construction timeline is different depending on the contractor, weather and region, but an overview of the proc...
How Log Home Construction is Different From Covential Building Methods
How Log Home Construction is Different From Covential Building Methods
Learn how log walls come together a little differently than conventional construction.
Your Step-by-Step Guide to Log Home Construction
Your Step-by-Step Guide to Log Home Construction
What to expect when it's finally time to stop planning and start building your log home.
Which is Your Favorite? 5 Log Home Styles
Use these 5 classic motifs as a starting point for your log home's design. What style will you pick?
How Much Do Log Homes Cost?
How Much Do Log Homes Cost?
Planning to build your own log home? Follow these tips to allocate your overall budget.
What is a Log Home Package?
What is a Log Home Package?
Buying a log home starts with the package, so make sure you know your options before building your dream home.
The Difference Between Machine-Milled and Handcrafted Log Homes
The Difference Between Machine-Milled and Handcrafted Log Homes
A quick guide on the difference between machine-milled and handcrafted log homes. Find out which building process works for you!
4 Corner Style Options
4 Corner Style Options
How your logs intersect at the corners is one of the most defining features of your home. Check out these different style options.
Quiz: What Style of Log Home Are You?
There are so many types of log homes. Which style should you choose?
How Logs Become Walls
How Logs Become Walls
Not quite sure how a log home becomes a log home? Here's a basic guide on the whole process!
9 Interface Log Options
9 Interface Log Options
Your log profile will influence how the logs are fitted together horizontally. Here are the most common techniques.
9 Log Profile Options
9 Log Profile Options
The size and shape of the logs play a big part in your home's look and function. Here's how to navigate your log profile options.