You Dream, We Design Casting Call - Questions

Answer these questions to be considered for Log Home Living's "You Dream, We Design" feature.

You Dream, We Design - Questions
Please answer these "You Dream, We Design" questions for our consideration
email to: Mike McCarthy

1. Couple's names:

2. Place you want to build:

3. Desired square footage:

4. Is this going to be a primary residence, vacation home, or vacation home that eventually becomes a primary residence?

5. Number of people who will be living in the home? Will you host visitors frequently? If so, how many throughout the year?

6. What will be your most important rooms, and why?

7. What about outdoor spaces? Do you want porches/decks/gazebos/pool/fire pit, etc. How much of a role will outdoor spaces play in your home’s design?

8. Which of your hobbies/interests might have an impact on the home’s design? For example, if you're really into books, will you need a library? Or perhaps you paint or do crafts, which would necessitate a studio. Or maybe you have three kayaks, a canoe and jet ski, which would necessitate plenty of storage for outdoor gear. Think of these things when you answer.

9. Will the home be used for many large gatherings throughout the year?

10. If you already own land, what are the views like? Mountains? Lake, etc., and do you want to take in these views from every room or just a few, say, the great room and master bedroom? Also, is the land on a slope (great for walkout basements)?

11. What's your philosophy on building a custom log home—in other words, why is this your dream?

That's it. We appreciate your responses—we’ll make you a publishing star!

Be sure to answer these questions and email them (or print them out and send them—with your photo—to our office):

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4125 Lafayette Center Drive, Suite # 100
Chantilly, VA 20151

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