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Discover the pros, cons, durability and cost of wood/veneer finish; an alternative to solid wood for your log home door.

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by: Wyatt Myers

Material: Wood/Veneer — Finish-Grade

What It Is: 
This is a less-expensive alternative to the solid wood door. The finish-grade versions of these doors look like wood, but they actually have a wood and insulation framework that’s wrapped with a wood veneer exterior.

The Look: 
Similar to that of a solid wood door, but limited to the stock styles offered by door manufacturers.

Low (the exterior may need to be refinished every two to three years, especially if exposed to the elements).

Less expensive than solid wood; readily available at home centers; well-insulated.

Typically only available in stock options, though some customization is available; can expand and contract with changes in weather; not as durable as other options.

$200 to $1,000

Simpson Door Company’s Dorado series 6670,
Wood/veneer-finish grade door

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Solid Wood
Veneer-Finish Veneer-Paint

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