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As part of our series on materials for your log home door, learn more about the pros and cons of using wood/veneer paint.

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by: Wyatt Myers

Material: Wood/Veneer — Paint-Grade

What It Is:
Built the same as finish-grade wood/veneer doors, this version is faced with a less attractive veneer because it’s meant to be painted. This keeps the cost down, but you lose the natural wood look.

The Look:
Less natural than a finished wood door, but a good option if you like color.

Moderate (paint holds up better than finish, but the wood can still degrade with exposure to the elements).

Less expensive than finished wood doors; available in a variety of styles; paint creates a more durable surface.

Lacks the natural charm and grain of wood; a painted door isn’t always the best match for a log home.

$200 to $600

Simpson Door Company’s Advent series 2838,
Wood veneer paint grade door

Solid Wood Door Wood/veneer-finish grade Wood/Veneer-Paint Grade Fiberglass composite door Steel door
Solid Wood
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