What Is Most Important to You in Your Weaving? That It Matches Your Decor

Learn more about the various features that make up Navajo weavings. Here we discuss the malleability of these weavings to most interiors.

Navajo weaving and rug quiz, question 2 by Log Home Design What’s most important to you in your weaving?
1. That it matches your décor.
2. That you’re supporting the Navajo Nation.
3. That it’s a good investment.
That it matches your décor:

You’re in luck because the wool colors (black, brown, gray and white) and natural dyes that weavers use have a very organic feeling—perfect for a log home. Nearly any Navajo weaving would look at home in a rustic abode, but if you’re insistent that it matches furniture you already have, take photos of your existing décor before you go rug shopping. Another option? Think about manufactured weavings that are available in an array of colors and sizes.
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