What Is Most Important to You in Your Weaving? That It Is a Good Investment

Find out the different aspects of a weaving that are important to people. Here we discuss how valuable an investment a Navajo weaving can be.

Navajo weaving and rug quiz, question 2 by Log Home Design What’s most important to you in your weaving?
1. That it matches your décor.
2. That you’re supporting the Navajo Nation.
3. That it’s a good investment.
That it's a good investment:

If you’re looking for a piece of artwork whose value will appreciate over time, make sure to deal with an arts dealers. If you’re getting a steal of a deal from a store or a vendor at a market, it may be because you’re not looking at the genuine article. You can have the piece appraised before you take the plunge—many antique pieces will already have paperwork verifying its authenticity. You’ll definitely want to shy away from manufactured pieces. (Want to learn more about how to spot a fake?)
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