What Features Matter to You? Intricately Designed Background

Learn more about the different factors that make up navajo weaving. Here we discuss the importance of the intricately designed backgrounds.

Navajo weaving and rug quiz, question 4 by Log Home Design What features matter to you?
1. Muted tones (think gray, brown, white, black) and a geometric design.
2. A geometric design with a deep red.
3. An intricately designed background with deep colors.
4. A pictorial story.
An intricately designed background with deep colors:

You might want to look into the Teec Nos Pos or Red Mesa Outline style. These weavings are the most intricately detailed designs made on the reservation. The Teec Nos Pos designs are said to be influenced by Persian Rugs, photos of which were shown to the area’s weavers 100 years ago. The Red Mesa Outlines are the last remaining examples of the Eye Dazzler designs of the 1800s.