What Features Matter to You? A Pictorial Story

Learn about the different important features of navajo weaving. Here we discuss the importance of the stories they portray.

Navajo weaving and rug quiz, question 4 by Log Home Design What features matter to you?
1. Muted tones (think gray, brown, white, black) and a geometric design.
2. A geometric design with a deep red.
3. An intricately designed background with deep colors.
4. A pictorial story.
A pictorial story:

Two of the more popular styles that tell stories through their designs are the Bird Pictorial and the Storm Pattern. Certainly one of the most popular Navajo Rug styles, the Bird Pictorial may also be the most difficult design to execute. The ability to create curved lines—required for realistic-looking birds—is said to be a family secret passed down through generations of weavers. The beautiful birds are usually depicted with the sacred plant of the Navajo, the cornstalk, growing from the traditional Navajo ceremonial basket.

Animal pictorial image of the Navajo Weaving

The Storm Pattern depicts the Lake of Emergence, which, according to Navajo mythology, was the origin of all living things. This is symbolized by the central design in these rugs, while the squares in the four corners represent the Navajo's four sacred mountains. The lines connecting the center to the four corners represent lightning bolts which carry blessings back and forth between the mountain tops, bestowing good spirits on the weaver and her household.