West Meets East: An Asian-Influenced Log Home

The cityscape of Vancouver provides Eastern inspiration to a log home.

Eastern-Style Log Home Exterior

“Our dream of building a custom wood home began as such things do, by casually flipping through magazines,” says Roy Dimond. He and his wife, Lorraine, built a Japanese-influenced home near Vancouver, British Columbia. While living in Garden Bay, a remote harbor on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, their vision was inspired by Vancouver, one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world, Roy says. “Our home, a cozy 1,600 square feet, encourages conversation. Colors were chosen to reflect the west coast rainforest and 100-year-old logs embrace our Asian antiques.

A torii-influenced arch, or ’gateway,’ separates the kitchen from the living room.” The same ambience takes place outside the home: arched entrances accentuated by refined log corners bestow harmony, and a 1,000-square-foot deck let visitors view a pristine bay, island lights, and occasionally a pod of whales. A Japanese garden provides a sense of serenity as well. Roy and Lorraine had originally begun looking to build a standard log home. “One evening, while looking at the pictures we had taken, we noticed a home with an Asian feel,” Roy says. “From that, we took the concept of arches over the doors. We showed our log home distributor and asked if it was possible. He said 'yes' and added that he had access to flared logs for a more unique look. He also said they sold log home packages to Japan, and that market requested a finished look to the corners. We incorporated both concepts into our home.”

The design has designated floors for activities, Roy says: Entertainment on the bottom floor, eating and visiting on the main floor, and sleeping on the top floor. “The kitchen is small to focus on food preparation, while the dining room has floor-to-ceiling windows to invite nature to our table,” Roy says. “The front room has only a fireplace — no TV or stereo — so one must sit either relaxing by the fire or in conversation. It helps avoid small talk and promotes deep conversations.”
Prized possesions are on display in this Eastern-style log home

  “We chose a log home because the inside has a definite sense of consciousness, while the outside is harmonious with nature,” Roy says. “In a very real way, it's a living entity as the logs crack and change on a daily basis. The birds-eye pine ceiling continues, as it will for many years to come, to darken and take on a deep rich sheen.”

More about this home ran in the Summer 2008 issue of Custom Wood Homes magazine.

Home Details:

Square footage: 1,600