"Wave Clouds" Bring the Beach to Breckenridge

An atmospheric phenomenon creates a magical moment in Colorado.

Written by Sara Brown

Photo courtesy of Angela Casper via Instagram. Photo courtesy of Angela Casper via Instagram.

No one puts on a stunning display quite like Mother Nature. And last week it was in the form of "wave clouds," appearing as though they were about to "break" over the mountains at Breckenridge Ski Resort in Colorado.

Plus, the sun was setting at the exact right time to cast a warm glow over the white peaks of the clouds.

Kudos, Mother Nature. You've done it again.

Now, if you're wondering how something like this occurs, Andy Russell, a weather and climate lecturer at Brunel University, explained to ABC News that these odd, wave-like patterns are an "indicator of atmospheric instability" and "they form when a layer of cloud is found beneath a layer of warmer air and the two layers happen to be moving in separate directions."

However it's done, it's nothing short of spectacular.